Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Day 6

Here are the songs I listened to while exercising today:

1) Untitled -- 40 Ft. Ringo
2) The Rooster -- OutKast
3) High Fidelity -- Elvis Costello
4) Borne On the FM Waves of the Heart -- Against Me!
5) My Happy Ending -- Avril Lavigne
6) Thinking of Not Going -- 1990s
7) Sugar, We're Goin Down -- Fall Out Boy
8) A Song For Finland -- Holiday With Maggie
9) Celitc Aggression -- Tonic
10) Superstar -- Lupe Fiasco
11) Margarita -- Traveling Wilburys
12) West -- Lucinda Williams
13) Bette -- Saul Zonana
14) Stupid Girls -- Pink
15) Shimmer -- Fuel
16) Modern Way -- Kaiser Chiefs
17) Sleep -- My Chemical Romance
18) Here Comes My Girl -- Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
19) Wonderwoman -- Fuzzbubble
20) If I Am A Stranger -- Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
21) Lucinda -- Jesse Malin

Quite a list today, which is appropriate after snow and car maintenance kept me from hitting the Y since Friday. Yes, snow shoveling was a bit of a workout over the weekend (take that, you snowblowers!), but the sweat wasn't rolling down my face and dripping down my chin from clearing the walk.

While today I pressed it more than I have to date, the music wasn't inspiring. Good tunes all or they wouldn't be in my MP3 player. But only a couple were the type that would make Rocky run up the steps of an art museum. They came at the right time though. Avril Lavigne's "My Happy Ending" (written by Butch Walker) popped up for early motivation. Fall Out Boy's "We're All Goin' Down" gave me a push in the middle. Fuel's "Shimmer" came at the very end of my last mile. Jesse Malin's "Lucinda" -- a repeater -- was a lovely casual song to end the day. And of course, OutKast made yet another appearance. Butch was shut out, save his connection to Avril.

I'm happy that the music was more relaxed than normal. Even the Against Me! and 40 Ft. Ringo songs that popped up were toned down. If it was all balls to the wall I might have pushed myself a bit more than I should have after four days away from the gym.

Maybe my Sandisk knows exactly what I need. Sometimes there seems to be a telepathic link established between my ears and my MP3 player when I stick the headphones on. We'll see what happens tomorrow when I'm going to need some harder music.

Oh, by the way, Avril Lavigne = HOT! I think my new goal is to race Avril Lavigne. If I win, she has to sing me whatever song I choose. It just might very well be "Sk8ter Boi."