Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day 11

Here are the songs I listened to while exercising today:

1) Sweetness -- Jimmy Eat World
2) Mr. Golden Deal -- Tonic
3) Alison -- Elvis Costello
4) Too Late -- Digby
5) Blue Period -- Smithereens
6) Where Were You Last Night? -- The Traveling Wilburys
7) Blood Bath at Burger King -- Teenage Bottlerockets
8) Caroline -- David Gray
9) Secret -- The Rosenbergs
10) Wonderwoman -- Fuzzbubble
11) Any Other Day -- Wyclef Jean w/Norah Jones
12) Off Broadway -- Ryan Adams
13) Mrs. Robinson -- The Lemonheads
14) Popstar -- Excentrics
15) Little Weapon -- Lupe Fiasco w/Bishop G
16) Fast Asleep -- The Rosenbergs
17) Beating Heart Baby -- Head Automatica

So where do we stand 11 days into the new workout routine?

Well, Butch Walker is the clear leader. In solo projects and with his Let's-Go-Out-Tonites band, Butch has made seven appearances on the MP3 player. Add in four more with the Marvelous 3, and Butch is lapping the field with 11 appearances, a very easy to figure 1:1 ratio of songs to workouts. That's the way it should be, as more Butch Walker songs are in the MP3 player than any others. Still, 11 out of 151 Songs I've Listened to While Exercising is 7.2% of the songs I've heard. If Butch had 7.2% of the songs in the MP3 player, he would have 76 songs in there. He's got around 20. So not only is Butch Walker the most awesomest, supereast, most fantastically rock-and-roller around these days, but he even rules at the shuffle.

Next up is OutKast, which has hit the player seven times. That's pretty good for a band that I haven't heard from in five days.

Fuzzbubble and The Apples in Stereo have each popped up six times. Then there's Ryan Adams, Saul Zonana, and Lucinda Williams with five listens.

We'll see if Butch can maintain his lead in the days ahead!