Thursday, March 13, 2008

Day 7

Here are the songs I listened to while exercising today:

1) No Better Place -- Fountains of Wayne
2) Lost in the Rain -- Alex Lloyd
3) Everything Has Changed -- Lucinda Williams
4) Setting Forth -- Eddie Vedder
5) You're So Yesterday -- Marvelous 3
6) Be My Fix -- 40 Ft. Ringo
7) I Believe in Me -- Rooney
8) Cult Stars From Mars -- Fuzzbubble
9) On Your Own -- Kelly Osbourne
10) Nth Degree -- Morningwood
11) Same Old Drag -- The Apples in Stereo
12) Sick Day -- Fountains of Wayne
13) Special -- Better Than Ezra
14) Repeat Offender -- Teenage Bottlerocket
15) Guaranteed -- Eddie Vedder
16) Counting the Days -- Saul Zonana

Am I officially addicted to exercising? Or maybe it's just the MP3 player? I went to the Y and realized I forgot my ID. Instead of giving up and going home, I went home, got my ID, and returned. I'm addicted to something all right.

Kudos to both Fountains of Wayne and Eddie Vedder for popping up twice. Not easy when you have OutKast fighting for a spot a day. Actually, today was a day for new people. Well, except for The Apples in Stereo. But I heard Teenage Bottlerocket (the new Ramones), some of Alex Lloyd's Australian wonder, Eddie Vedder, and FOW.

I'm addicted enough to one of these things to go back tomorrow and do it all again.