Monday, March 24, 2008

Day 14

Here are the songs I listened to while exercising today:

1) Long Nights -- Eddie Vedder
2) Happy in the Meantime -- Lit
3) Lit Up -- Buckcherry
4) Sweetness -- Jimmy Eat World
5) Mr. Golden Deal -- Tonic
6) Alison -- Elvis Costello
7) Too Late -- Digby
8) Blue Period -- Smithereens
9) Where Were You Last Night -- Traveling Wilburys
10) Blood Bath at Burger King -- Teenage Bottlerocket

So my MP3 player isn't broken. Just the headphones. But they were crap anyway. I dropped my MP3 player in the melting snow beside my car when I arrived for work in the morning and didn't find it until I went to lunch. Then it wouldn't work at the Y. Then it did. And then it sounded like crap.

Thank goodness it was just the headphones. I found some free ones!