Saturday, March 15, 2008

Day 9

Here are the songs I listened to while exercising today:

1) Beautiful -- Marvelous 3
2) Hemmorrhage (In My Hands) -- Fuel
3) Bad Day -- Fuel
4) Take Off Your Clothes -- Morningwood
5) Dragonfly -- Fuzzbubble
6) Everybody Knows -- Ryan Adams
7) This Is It -- Ryan Adams & the Cardinals
8) Mixtape -- Butch Walker
9) Best Thing You Never Had -- Butch Walker

Congratulations to Fuel, Ryan Adams, and Butch Walker, all three of whom scored the cherished double-double. It's hard enough to get one song onto the playlist, so to manage two is a feat. But for each of them to get on back to back? This is like the United States over the U.S.S.R. in Olympic hockey. Even more impressive for Fuel is that they have only three songs out of the 1,500 in my MP3 player. Some MIT professors are currently working on what the odds of that happening are.