Friday, March 14, 2008

Day 8

Here are the songs I listened to while exercising today:

1) Kill the Headlights -- Nicole Atkins
2) Last Night -- Traveling Wilburys
3) Something Unusual -- Saul Zonana
4) Juicy -- Better Than Ezra
5) What If -- Lucinda West
6) Energy -- The Apples in Stereo
7) Joan -- Butch Walker
8) Death on Two Legs -- Rooney (Queen cover)
9) Open Up Your Eyes -- Tonic
10) City Song -- Imperial Teen
11) Waiting For Someone -- Fuzzbubble
12) Can You Feel It? -- The Apples in Stereo
13) Oh My God -- Kaiser Chiefs
14) Cold Hard Bitch (live) -- Jet
15) I Need to Know -- Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
16) Highway 1 -- The Foxboro Hot Tubs

Now we have Lucinda Williams and Saul Zonana duking it out for longest streak. Each popped up on today's playlist, giving them both a three-day listening streak. Better Than Ezra's right behind with a two-day streak. And The Apples in Stereo and Butch Walker might not get on every day, but they get on almost every day.

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