Friday, March 7, 2008

Day 4

Here are the songs I listened to while exercising today:

1) Zero Superstar -- Fuzzbubble
2) Candy -- Ash
3) Touch Your Button Carnival Jam -- Wyclef Jean featuring
4) My Pretend -- The Apples in Stereo
5) On The Run -- Kelly Osbourne
6) Born For This -- Paramore
7) Stop! -- Against Me!
8) Barbara H. -- Fountains of Wayne
9) Learning How to Live -- Lucinda Williams
10) When Canyons Ruled the City -- Butch Walker and the Lets-Go-Out-Tonites
11) Jetsetter -- Morningwood
12) Let Me Go -- Marvelous 3
13) Alternative Girl -- Holiday With Maggie

I can thank the MP3 player for getting me to the Y today. It didn't wipe the snow off the car, it didn't plow the streets, and it didn't drive, but it sure inspired me to go out in this nastiness where everyone's driving half the speed limit.

Perhaps Seth Swirsky was a casualty of the winter weather as his three-day appearance streak came to an end. Wyclef Jean played the Ken Keltner to Seth's DiMaggio, popping up with a 13-plus minute song that any aeorbics instructor would be proud to play in class. I couldn't let Wyclef down by quitting. But his filibuster did keep some others off the playing field.

Today's shuffle was very rewarding for someone braving blizzard conditions. Some balls-to-the-wall music -- Against Me! (man, they love exclamation points), Morningwood, Paramore, Fuzzbubble, Kelly Osbourne, they all just rocked out with their cocks out. Even the girls.

And the MP3 player has revealed more goods. My internet searching reveals Fuzzbubble has brand-spanking-new material! This is like finding $20 in your dirty jeans on laundry day.

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