Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Day 2

Here are the songs I listened to while exercising today:

1) Spread -- Outkast
2) Lucinda -- Jesse Malin
3) It's Still Love -- Seth Swirsky
4) Lying Through Your Teeth -- Head Automatica
5) A Girl Like You -- The Smithereens
6) Talking to the Walls -- Finger Eleven
7) Bellingham -- The Drowners
8) Teacher's Pet -- Imperial Teen
9) Spread -- Outkast
10) Titanic Vandalism -- The Go! Team
11) Flip Flop Rock -- Outkast
12) Rescue -- Lucinda Williams
13) Romance -- R.E.M.
14) The Wolf -- Eddie Vedder
15) Bethampetamine -- Butch Walker and the Let's-Go-Out-Tonites

Congratulations to Outkast! Gentlemen, not only did you get the same song TWICE on tonight's playlist, you managed three overall. "Spread" made it twice with the space of nine songs, and then Flip Flop Rock popped up two tracks after Spread. Now Outkast is on top of the leaderboard with five songs in two days.

Wonderful to hear "Bethamphetamine" by Butch Walker and the Let's-Go-Out-Tonites. This is the second five-star song to make the playlist. (The first would be Butch's own "Maybe It's Just Me" which popped up yesterday.) Five-star songs are special. Consider the universe of my 1,044 songs as all MLB players. Now, to even make my MP3 player you've got to be really, really good. Even the space fillers are better than just about anyone else you can find. But just as MLB has All-Stars, so does my MP3 player. "Bethamphetamine" is one of those All-Stars. I guess that kinda makes Butch Walker the MVP of my MP3 league.

Great mixture tonight of power pop, hip hop, and some light stuff. Blast-from-the-past Smithereens check in with one of the great power pop songs of all-time, "Girl Like You." What a pleasure to hear them between Head Automatica and The Drowners. Old-school R.E.M.'s appearance with "Romance" makes this an A-list list.

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